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[Zatvoren] New tool for RailWorks - Camera Cab Position

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Greetings to all,

I wanted to inform you that some days there is a new tool for RailWorks that allows you to reconfigure all the cameras (internal and external) in all railway vehicles present and installed in your RailWorks

His name is "RW Camera Cab Position"

Link to see the video presentation (Youtube):

Link to more information:

Link to download and try the free demo of 'Camera Cab Position' (setup dimension 3,5 Mb):

I hope that for you this is a good and useful news.

Greetings and thanks Claudio

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Greetings to you all,

thanks to the great success from the tools "Camera Cab Position" and thanks to the many suggestions received from users of these tools, is now available the new Release 2.0

Improvements and new features are:

1) It is now possible to automatically restore all previously configured values (values set with this new version) This is a very useful function to use for example, after an update from Steam, the simulator, in this case the values are lost, and with this new feature with a click will all be restored.

2) It is now possible to automatically restore all the original values proposed by default and configured with the simulator.

3) You can now select multiple folders to search in the 'Assets' this function will allow you to eventually modify the path in which it resides and RailWorks will be useful to all those who have multiple installations of RailWorks in your system.

4) With this version are intercepted subfolders "RailVehicles" and also "RollMaterial" thus extending the compatibility also to the material, for example, providers "Aerosoft" and "GermanRailRoadsRW".

5) This version supports many international languages with decimal separators in different configurations and improves the international compatibility.

I hope that all these changes will seize your consent and enthusiasm.

If you like these tools talk to friends but if you would like to improve write and tell me what you would like to get included in the next update, I will consider all your suggestions.

Cordially greet you and thank you for your cooperation, Claudio.


You can remove the previous version, download and install the new version 2.0 you can find the site at:

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Greetings to all,

is now available the version 3.0 of the tools "Camera Cab Position"

Now you can configure the horizontal angle of view.

All previous configurations will remain unchanged and will not be lost.

For download and more information, please visit the website dedicated to these tools.

Tools Camera Cab Position Webpage

I hope you enjoy, Claudio

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