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[Zatvoren] Cab ride video

Peter Smith
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Hi Everyone,

I am making a route between Split-Ogulin-Koprivnica. I did not find any valid video between Split-Split Predgrade tunnel , and Kastel Stari -Ogulin, and Zagreb-Krizevci. And somebody know when the reconstruciton work will be done between Dugo Selo and Krizevci? And there is somebody who is making any part of this route?

Thanks for your help!

Topic starter Objavljeno : 22 travnja, 2020 16:26
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Hi Peti,
you can find cab ride video from Split - Kaštel Stari (there is a part from Split to Split Predgrađe)

section between Kaštel Stari and Ogulin is quite long so I don´t know any cab ride video that contains whole route(Kaštel Stari - Ogulin) but i found some cab rides through "Lika" on the way from Ogulin to Split

and there is a cab ride video Zagreb GK-Dugo Selo-Koprivnica

If you need some more informations send me a private message

Best regards, from karavela2044!

Objavljeno : 24 travnja, 2020 00:35